Small Star School

We have a School in a remote mountain place in Nepal. Small Star School is located in Dungdunge, near Chepti, in Mai-8, Ilam. There is a fun park close to the School across the River. The School is cut off from the Highway and the Market. Small Children aged 4-12 attend this English medium School. Villagers mostly are poor and can't afford to good school in town. Going to School dnd

Need of the School

Children of Dungdunge went the school by crossing a river and walking two hour to get to the nearest school. They use wheel’s tube to cross rivers, they put all their clothes and books and wrap it around with plastic to avoid water getting wet. When they come back home, they are tired, hungry and exhausted. We have a temporary shelter for kids to study. Recently, there is a suspension bridge built to connect two villages which have made countrymen to visit market for shopping.

It does not have a medical health post, and the field corn hardly makes their living for just six month.

You can become a partner to this school by sending school expenses for renovation, extension, bathroom, and water facility, gardening and computer facilities. Workers in School are volunteer and gifted for the labor they contribute in teaching the Children.  Dungdunge School dnd

We need volunteer

We need volunteers teacher for a week, a month or several months. Food and bed are covered for the volunteer but no monetary assistance can be promised. Little ones need our love and contribution for education. Village has a local Church and a Park close by ten minute walk distance.

Location and how to reach there?

You take a bus to Sukrabare in Danabari, via Birtamod. You take a tuk tuk or Auto from Sukrabare to Chepti. There is Suspension bridge that separates the two villages. Other side of the village is called Dungdunge, that's it.

Sana Tara Children and School