Bible Distribution

Bible Distribution in NepalOne Nepali Holy Bible costs 600 Rupees, 1000 Rupees and a good leather Bible is 2000 Rupees with delivery.

Share God’s love by distributing the Bibles as gift to new disciple. Today, hundreds of Bible College students need Bibles for their study. Children who quickly turn to teens and young, they also need fresh copies of the Bible.

BibleNepal team works hard to give Bibles to anyone who asks for a copy. We requests 3 request per day through social sites, call and email.

We are looking for a Bible Partner. Generally Bibles are given to new disciples of Jesus Christ who want to learn and grow in Faith.

If you have any comment about Bible please forward it it info@biblenepal .com


Bibles are given free of charge to the requestee. English and Nepali Bibles are given freely on a personal basis. One copy for each person, hand to hand.