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We are a Christian Mission Project in Nepal. We have been providing communities with relief supplies, supporting children for education, taking care of orphans and disadvantaged Children. We work with Churches and organize program to help them deepen their relationship with their Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. We provide opportunity to volunteers.

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We appreciate your interest in serving in Nepal. We have some areas where volunteering help are needed.


Bible Distribution

Bible School

Church Planting


Film Project MInistry


School for Poor

Sports Ministry



Child Stories

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All our mission fund are collected from individual donors who wants to share to see better life in others.

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Hey Steve, Been a while and miss talking. Say hello to April and Bella. Happy to hear you enojyed the stories. We have quite a few hilarious stories together with Mike H. Good times and many laughs usually at my expense but all in good fun. Patience not my forte but I'm learning. Almost all my issues are because of deformed feet. Last foot doc I saw told me I would never be fast with my feet. The doc before told me my only hope was plantar fascia surgery. Long story short I have cobblers here make me custom wedges I put between my ball of the foot and heel to fill the gap. Simple solution and it works.

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Thank you for visiting my site. I pray that your stopping here will be a blessing. Please give me your fedback in how this site looks to your eyes. I appreciate that. We do varieties of ministries here in Nepal. Like: sports ministry, Bible School, Translate and Printing, Dostribute Bibles. Our emphasis is on spreading the gospel in Nepal and we would like to plant as many hurches as we can. You can know more about our ministries in ministreis section.

Reuben, Kathmandu, Nepal