Sponsor a Child-Ashishma

Ashishma needs your help for her schooling

This is Ashishma, 5 years old girl child living in the orphanage in Nepal under our care. Her father, Bal Bahadur Tamang and her mother, Chandra Tamang were both killed on April 25, 2015, in the great Nepal earthquake.

Ashisma is an orphan Child and she needs regular support for her school. She is in Nursery class and she doesn't have financial support for her school. I have been praying for this little child to get support so that she would continue to go to School and be the one God wants her to be.

Ashisma is healthy and talkative. She likes to ride the scooter very much and go around the market. She is very protective of her belongings and likes tv and cartoons. Her favorite fruit is Jack fruit and likes to sit on the floor when eating. She likes to play with water.

Ashisma has been in a Christian School since April 2019. Her admission, books, uniforms and bags were all purchased at the first appearance in the School. She has other dues like monthly fees and bus and others expenses. I would really like her to get a second parent, with full financial support and love, so that she will never ever feel like she is an abandoned orphan. My prayer since April, 2019 is that someone take commitment to support her on a monthly basis.

Her monthly food expenses are 40 US dollars, school fees $20, and her private needs per month are $10.  US $70.00 per month, and $840 yearly will meet all her expenses for food, education, and housing.

For further info about Ashisma, (previous name Hissi Dolma) you can read it here in my blog.