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Dec 15, 2015
Nepal Earthquake Report and Relief Part 1 of 3

Ministry Report after the Earthquake/Part 1 of 3

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Dear Friends and Supporters

This is the first ministry report after the Earthquake in Nepal, part 1. First of all, I want to thank you all for your prayer, support and inspiring messages to me which has kept me alive and motivated me to do God's work more in Nepal. I have never kept silent but spread the Love of God in words and in deeds. Without your support I could do nothing. I am now good and ok with many plans and projects to help Nepali brothers and sisters who are paralyzed by the massive Earthquake and shortage of food and fuel. Let me start from the Earthquake report and relief.

Earthquake Report and Relief

Nepal is tiny country located between big China and India with approximately population of 33 million. Nepal is rich in its national treasures but government is not capable of using them because they all need vast amount of money to produce. Nepal 7.9w or 8.1Ms magnitude Earthquake very badly traumatized Nepali Christians since they were gathering in the Church on that very day of 25th April. It had thousands of after-shocks, flattening the mountain and causing landslides in many places, and displacing the communities. I stopped counting the numbers of dead from 9600 among them were around 700 Christians. It caused $7 billion damage to Nepal. (Kathmandu Post, June 13).

We were in Church and Rita, my wife, was praying at 11:56 AM for offering and everyone's eyes were closed and I could hear the noise of the roof shaking and immediately I told believers its an Earthquake, get out of the building. We gathered in an open field and prayed for the safety of all, especially our brothers and sisters. There were continued tremors and we thought this was an apocalypse. I started calling friends but none of them gave me a definite answer as to know the number of the believers dead in Churches. I took my camera, pen and a notebook and started to visit the places. I came back home and reported on Facebook, Twitter, emails and radios. People were so generous and they started to give toward the relief supplies. We were in the houses of people with supplies, we prayed for them and asked God to comfort their heart. I want to thank you for your help for life. I won't forget and I give glory to the Lord for everything. Here is more.

More importantly, thanks for the help of known friends and unknown friends to buy relief supplies like food, beans, cooking oil, blankets, zinc, clothes, monetary help, medicines and your special inspiring words. May the Lord God of Abraham bless you and your household.

Church: A shelter place

People were afraid to stay in their own homes because of the continued aftershocks. They lived without food and water. We as a Church stretched out our hand and provided, water, food and shelter for many neighboring families. We told them that our Church is not safe. It has cracks in the walls and there is continued shaking and so why do you come here? Their response marveled us. They said we are not Christian but we believe that Church is safe because your God is strong and he can protect those who come to the Church.
We cooked food and there were many who came during the food time, there was not a single day that we did not share.

Helping Orphans

What the Earthquake produced was unimaginable. Women trafficking, homelessness and Orphans, miscarriages and even mental breakdown was seen. We adopted 16 orphans and needy Children and giving them food and education but not shelter. Many of them still need your love and care. Please help as you can, there are other children waiting for support.

Visit to Earthquake victims and Children

When you are in the state of apocalypse, you don't need food or sleep. You just need is a friend who stay close to you. Thats what we did to hopeless people who were scared in continued aftershock. We went and prayed for them to get more strength to overcome fear and uncertainty. One of the Pastors that I visited in whose Church 23 had dead, we don't need food or blanket, we wish that someone come here and say we come to meet you and pray for you.

Right after the great Earthquake, I and my team visited many places to see how our brothers and sisters doing. We reached places and the situation was so tragic, they did not have Children with them because they were dead Earthquake when their house collapsed upon them. We were able to bring some of them to safety in Kathmandu where they are now. We are building Hostel (orphanage) and they will be there very soon. There are 4 in Urlabari, 9 in Makwanpur, 12 in Bhaktapur and 4 in Rashuwa are living under our care. This is being done because of your help. I will never ever forget you. You do not know how thankful I am. There is much to be done.

Places we served in Earthquake:

It was really a privilege to serve the victims of the Earthquake in so many places.  I cannot recall all of them.  Necessary supplies, such as rice, cooking oil, salt, sugar, blankets, beans, buckets, medicines, flour and most importantly served them with prayer and comforted them.

We served more than 45 main places for to pray for them and to give them relief supplies and we provided monetary help to more than 7 different places and Pastors.

List of special memories from the Earthquake
  1.     Earthquake victims, they didn't ask food or blanket, they ask a visit because they wanted comfort,
  2.     Change of plan, we gave food supplies not only to Christian but to all, Hindus, Buddhists and all.
  3.     Seeing dead bodies floating on the road, in river, in car, in houses was terrifying,
  4.     Kidney Stones, during the relief supplies season kidney pain gave me much trouble,
  5.     Weight reduce, in two months of running for relief we lost 12 pounds weight and we did not know this,
  6.     Taking video and counting the number of Christians dead and the destroyed Churches,
  7.     Visit to Kodari and epicenter in the midst of continued aftershocks and falling stones,
  8.     We saw all Nepalese were united in heart and hand to give and volunteer.
Medical Camps

Free medical camps were organized in various places for the Earthquake victims, Balkumari in Kathmandu, Bode in Bhaktapur, Barhabise, Sindhupalchok, Tyangthali, Sindhupalchok, Sunkhani, Sindhupalchok, Kodari in Sindhupalchowk. Nearly 1400 people were benefited from the free medicines and medical treatment.  Medical Camps were organized in partnership with other medical groups. Patients like blood pressure, infections, diabetes, dental, migraine headaches, gastric, injuries, broken leg, pneumonia, women problems were mostly treated.

People in these places spoke negative towards the Christians. But after the medical camps, they said Church is good. They give us relief and food, and they came and treated us. So the whole thinking toward the Christians was changed. They say that Christians are good.

Please click here for more of Nepal Earthquake Report and Relief Program.

Bible Distribution

We distributed hundreds of copies of Bibles to the needy and to our brothers and sisters in the Churches and to their friends during the Earthquake and we still need many copies. During the Earthquake situation, they lost their Bibles with other belongings, they need new Bible now and it cost only 3$ to get one. For older people it is 5$ because it is big and has the larger fonts. Children need 29 Children Bible in Nepali and devotion book and we need someone who can donate fund to buy Bibles for people in Nepal. Please help.

Car used in Earthquake

You see this picture of the Car. I used this nearly hundred times after the Earthquake, I have a team that always goes with me to pray and help distribute the food and relief supplies. I am dreaming of having a car like this for my ministry purpose. Automobiles are very expensive in Nepal because they are not manufactured here. It is only God through whose grace I can get one. But invitation is for everyone to help me buy one. One friend gave me 370$ and I am starting from there. it will all be used for ministry purposes. I will appreciate any amount for this gift. It will help me gear up my ministry for which I am called to help others.

Interlocking Brick Making Project

We have a brick making machine which needs good soil, sand and cement and water. This brick is made from compressor. Many Churches were destroyed or became useless after the massive Earthquake in Nepal. Our Churches that are in Ramechap needs renovation, Ninkha and Palase in Makwanpur and in Sindhupalchowk needs rebuilding, House in Maygdi needs rebuilding. This brick making machine could help a lot to rebuild Nepal. It's cheap and houses made from this compressed brick are Earthquake resistant since it is connected with other bricks. Please help us rebuild Nepali homes. International volunteers can come and join with us to support the families in need. You can be a part of this project by donating and by being here to help.

This effort of building the home and churches that are destroyed by Earthquake can be done very easily. What we need is the donation to keep going. We are praying that organization can work with us to build the homes for poor in Nepal. You can write to us for more detail.

Church Growth after the Earthquake

Church or the crowd of people coming to the Church assembly after the Earthquake increased dramatically,. The source and reason is unknown. It is possibly they are looking for hope, fellowship and sharing, which they get only in the Church and not in elsewhere. Abraham, one of the local leaders in Sindhupalchowk revealed that people were united in heart and hand to help each other and Christian were in forefront to care for the needy and desperate. It is something like when Noah finished building the Ark, and animal came to the ship, no body invited but people came to the Church.

In my opinion, 1950 there were handful of Christians in Nepal, when it came to 1970 there were around 50,000, in 1990 there were 500,000, and when it came to 2010 they were 2,000,000. Last year one political leader who is very much afraid of the growth of the Christian said in top newspaper that there are more than 2,500,000 Christians in Nepal. Well, this last one is not what I said, they said it. Glory to God.

Before I wrap up

Before I wrap up, I would like to share very important prayer request for Children. As the winter is almost here and Christmas is couple of days left. One of the orphans that we support unexpectedly asked me one thing as she was leaving our home and said Reuben uncle please buy us Jacket, it is very cold at night under the Zinc makeshift. I answered her OK, go now, God will provide. One child needs $50 to buy a Jacket, trousers and a pair of shoes and there are just 29 children. Let us think and to pray about this.

How you can help?

You can help by:
  1.     Praying,
  2.     Volunteering,
  3.     Supporting financially.

You can go to our website and use Paypal to send donations or send me an email if the fund is urgent to send and I will direct you on how to send. Thank you for your time to read this long report. This is first part and more coming in few days.

I am so glad for your precious time to read this ministry report. I am glad I have a family. Once again, thank you so much for your support for orphans, for building, for earthquake relief supplies, for church and even for my personal needs. May the Lord richly bless you and increase your every dollar you show like a white in the field. Give and it shall be given unto you, may Jesus promise come to fulfillment in you and each of you. Amen

Merry Christmas.

Reuben and Rita with Rosanna and Reuel

Kathmandu Nepal

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