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The Children of the King Camping 2020

Dear Nepal Supporter

I am honored and very happy to bring this update to you. It just needs two minutes to read what Children have to say. Hearing Children is Loving Children.

First of all, I want to thank you so much for your support for the Children. They are here because of you, rescued and well-kept, safe, going to school, healthy, growing physically, mentally and spiritually.

Blessed and Happy Children in the Orphanage

Some Children are not like them, they are homeless, loveless, no school, no proper clothing in their body, no education, abused and living life like hell.

What happens when you don't support them?

Trafficking agents enter the homes of vulnerable Children. They Promise Child's guardian of a better life like education, food and shelter. The agents give money to parents and parents agree to give their child to the agent, and the agents tell them to not tell anyone. When they are taken away, the children are forced to do heavy labor, beaten, no school and no rest. If any child raises their voice the boss will say I paid for you. They become slaves and are deprived of their privileges.

Our Children are very lucky to find you. Their lives have been changed because of you and I have done my best to keep them well and teach them how to be a good person. I would like to have a gathering of all the Children and give them something that will help them live a God-fearing life in the future.



This Child is unfortunate

Children of the King Camping 2020

Once in every three years', I bring my orphans and all the children that we support, together in one place, for a time of retreat, prayer and motivation. I would like to do something special this Christmas to them. One of the reasons for gathering orphans together in one place is that I want to encourage them to put their trust in God no matter what life brings to them. 

I would like to have The Children of the King Camping 2020 program in an orphanage in Urlabari during this Christmas. Just as we are happy this Christmas, I want these precious Children also to be happy. I would like to give them new clothes, food and specially motivation that they are precious in the sight of God. We will have a fun time together, dance and celebrate together, sing, ask questions about life and so on. I will send you photos so that you could be updated. Some Children are in their final year of School and will be soon graduating from sponsorship. With your help, we would love to gather all the kids from four locations together for a Christmas camp. It will be time to celebrate, receive encouragement as well as give few presents to remind them how special and loved they are. So please help me do this.

In a year that has been difficult for the whole world, please help us celebrate these Children and remind them that they are not forgotten.

How much is the expense?














Christmas Gifts to Each Child




Winter Jacket/Sweater/Clothes




Electricity, Water, Music System Renting,




Emergency Fund




 Total for Children Program



Last Children Camp was in 2017, next program will be in 2023. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you so very much for your faithful and sacrificial generosity for these precious Children.

Program Itineraries
Children of the King Camping 2020

Day 1
10am: Arrival & Orientation,
4pm: Christmas Carol and food, and rest,
7pm: Movie Time.

Day 2,
7am: Wake up & Make up, breakfast,
8am: Entrance to the program Hall, Prayer and Worship,
9am: Message to the Children, Picture Drawing of their favorite
10:30am: Bible Quiz, group from Urlabari, Makwanpur, Ktm, Rasuwa,
12pm: Lunch and Break,
2pm: Songs, Skid, Dance,
3:30pm: Story and Message, and Intelligence checkup,
6pm: Sharing time, Dinner and Rest.

Day 3,
    5:30am: Early Morning Prayer and Devotion by Reuben, and breakfast,
    7:30am: Worship & message by Reuben Rai to the Children,
    9am: Drama, The best thing in their life and Prayer for Sponsor,
    11am: Gift distribution, group photo & Lunch,
    1pm: Sightseeing and prayer walk for Nepal,
    5pm: Thanksgiving prayers and closing,
    5:30pm Dinner & Rest.

Day 4,
    7am: Breakfast and Departure
Once again, thank you for all your help during the difficult times like earthquakes, poverty and homelessness. Your help is valuable. If you were not there, I don't know what these children might have become. I sincerely appreciate your generosity.

Together for the Orphans and Poor.

28 November 2020

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