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School books Sarmila Cup

Dear Friend

Jai Mashi from Nepal. Its my pleasure to share update with you again. Here are the updates.

School books and uniforms

I believe we should give education to children. Some parents don't educate their children. This is not possible for poor children. I face so much challenge to continue to help Children, but so far God is good. We were able to bless Children who go to School in Dungdunge in Ilam.

At the left: Ritika smiles as she got her new sets of book in the school

This school is located in remote place in Nepal. I feel privileged to educate these children. This school needs volunteer teachers. if any one wishing to come to Nepal and help, they might possibly come here. There is also challenge, payment to the teachers in this school is very challenging since it does not have regular support.

Sarmila moved to Urlabari

Other event that was special to me was moving of Sarmila from the Earthquake zone to the Orphanage. Her mother Tulmaya, not biological, brought her to the hostel. Sarmila seems to be happy and she did acclimatize with the new atmosphere there. I have a dream and that dream is to bring orphan children to the home where they can stay under good care and go to School. Sarmila join with other 4 Children and there are five Children now and some will be added later on. 

We have 28 Children and through the help of kind donors, we are able to keep them safe and sound. They are in different places right now but our only goal is to bring them all together.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress. I can't change the life of all the Children but I can help change some.

Sarmila, in the center waves by by as she goes to School.

Soccer Team and Coach

I enjoy my time with the soccer team. We go many places to play and proclaim the Love of God to the people. We not only motivate players, we inspire local disciples as well. We use every method, including sport, to win people to the Lord. Many times, we win trophies and sometime we participate. Whatever we do, we just want to see the name of Christ lifted up in the pitch. 

Working with other groups

We had privilege to work with the team from Youth With a Mission from New Zealand. They have done the most wonderful job I have seen in my life. They went village to village where life was not comfortable. They preach the gospel, they led several people to the Lord, they prayed and people got healed, many were motivated, they clean the earthquake victims camp, they bought gifts to the orphans and poor. They were loved by everyone. Christ was glorified throught their ministry.

But things are not easy for Christians in Nepal. Nepal is putting more restriction and pressures, they make laws harder to fulfill. Christian do social work out of love towards the needy, but they make rules harder for Christians, some have been arrested on false charges, questioned by the authorities.

You need to pray for the boldness of Christians in Nepal. They are not fighting with Christians, they are fighting against Christ. I remember what Jesus said, "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? It is useless for you to fight against my will." Acts 26:14.

Despite laws that are against Christians, we continue to trust God for protection, more and more international Christian groups are coming and spreading the gospel in Nepal. We need more people to come over us and help us.

At left: YWAM New Zealand doing Church presentation in Church in Nepal

Kitchen House and Guest Room

We are building kitchen house and a guest room close to orphanage. I am praying and looking for fund to complete this. Please join with me in prayer. Any one willing to come over and help, we will be so glad to receive them. We need fund to finish the kitchen building.

Boot on the ground

We have been helping other mission groups by arranging their programs, transportation and hotel management. We are here to help you do ministry. We are the boot on the ground in Nepal. If any team is coming to Nepal we will be happy to counsel them and give necessary information they need. We are here to help, my  team is here to help.

If you would like to be a part of the work in Nepal and would like to donate, please use Paypal button at the top or Paypal email

I want you to read very important news about Christians facing challenges in Nepal. It is written by Christianpost.

Thank you