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2013 January Febaruary and March Report

 2013 January February and March Report

My Dear Friend World Race in Nepal

I am very happy to bring this report to you. I want to thank God for everything God has done in our midst. Thank you for encouraging me in every time possible. I am humbly honored and uplifted by your friendship, partnership and fellowship in the ministry. The more I grow older; busy I get in the ministry. This April 15, I am turning 38 years old. In my 38 years of life, I have learned big lesson. More than sex, money, a name, God is number one thing in our life. Without God we can't live a moment. We have a purpose living on this earth. We have to find it and fulfill it. Animals are born, live and die, we have one more purpose to live, to find God's calling in our life. And if our hope in Christ is only for this life, we are more to be pitied then anyone in the world.

Volunteers from USA and Australia

21 World Racers from USA and Daniela and team from Australia helped us in the work of the orphanage in Nepal. They labor in construction of the orphanage, carried the stone for the school in Dungdunge and helped clean the town and distribute the gospel tracts in Dasami. I am thankful for their ministry and service in Nepal. May God bless you all, for this.  

I had the privilege to go to trekking with Australian team in February and March. I was very glad to see the mountains and Himalayas. I am organizing 'work and trek in Nepal' in February 2014. Little more about this event is written below.

We host volunteering teams. We provide food and lodging on very small cost. If any helping team are thinking to go anywhere for missionary work, then Nepal could be the best place. We need teams to help us in various projects and ministries. Please send some teams if you find who would be interested to come here and help in the ministry.

Feeding Station in Kathmandu

We have started a feeding station in Pastor Reuben Church in Kathmandu. We provide food every week after the Church service to poor children around our community so that they can see the love of God in us. We see the smile on Children's face when they eat together. In this station, poor children, street kids, garbage collectors, and children who sniff glue also come and enjoy the meal. We see ourselves so blessed to minister them with food. Anyone can join with us to provide food to the hungry.

Football Ministry in Bahundagi in Jhapa

Our football club, Church Boys United, played football matches in Jhapa with different teams and shared the gospel with them. Many young people in our team are hearing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's just a fun to share the gospel through the sport.

Many young players like Sanjay, Santa and Suraj and others have given their life to Jesus Christ through the medium of football. We are still touching other young people's lives. Please help us touch more lives with the gospel through sport.

Church Boys Kathmandu is our football club and is one the way to qualifying process and it needs your prayer and sponsor. We show the game but we never miss a chance to preach the gospel, we give away gospel tracts and the Bibles in our sporting events. Which we do everywhere we go.

Orphanage work in Urlabari

Photo at left is from the orphanage. This is the ground floor, prayer hall. We can't do much, because of the lack of fund to pay to the workers, and to the stores. We want you to please consider this project for poor, widow and orphans. Please share our need with others. Our target is to bring orphans at the end of May. Please help as much as you can and also ask others to pray for this. I really appreciate you for this. We need you.

Building School for Poor in Ilam

There is still another project we are doing right now. We are building a school for poor in Dungdunge in Ilam. We aim to start classes before summer. We do this out of our kindness and compassion to the needy that can't do anything by them, and they need our help in the education of the children. Some volunteers from Australia and USA have helped us to carry the sand, stone, and steel to the school. We want to thank them from the bottom of our heart and we still need more volunteers to help build school and teach.

This school place is where I was raised up and where my father first started the church. Children go to nearby school which is 2 hour walk, through crossing river. This is not a Church work, but we want to help needy community. It is always good things to be involved in social work. School for Poor in Dungdunge Nepal

Film Show in Dasami in Panchther

We had good film showing program in Dasami in the hill village. During the film show program one Maoist leader came and tries to stop us from presenting the gospel film. We did not listen to him and continued the film. We distributed gospel tracts to many people. There was a lady who was healed by prayer and rest of the family members accepted Jesus Christ. But traveling there was very difficult and dangerous. I want to thank you for your special consideration and financial support for the film outreach.

Trekking in Langtang

I had a wonderful time in trekking. I wanted to go a trek for many years and I was finally able to visit Langtang village this year in March. I had a good one week holiday in the Himalaya. I Trekking in Langtang Nepalenjoyed the nature very closely. Please click photo of me at the left to view the beautiful sight of the Himalayas. Thank you, Jesus.

Work and Trek in Nepal

Next year in 2014 February March, I am organizing, 'Work and Trek in Nepal' program for those interested visit Nepal. We expect that those who come for this program will donate towards the building of the orphanage and labor in construction, after that Elephant safari and to the trekking in Himalayas. So if anyone interested in working and trekking in Nepal this could be the chance to work and trek in Nepal.

New souls around the Churches

Ps. Patrus told one person accepted Jesus in Inaruwa, Ps. Bishnu told three people accepted Jesus in Manahari, Ps. Pratap told three new souls were added in Basamadi, Ps. Pratap Tamang told 2 new souls in Ramechap bazar, Ps. Sukraman told one soul was saved in Ninkha, and evangelism programs are organized in many places around Nepal.


Prayers for upcoming programs

Jesus Film show in Sindhupalchok

Series of Jesus film show programs are planned in at least 5 places in Sindhupalchok district, north of Kathmandu. Please pray that many will come and see Jesus movie and know the Lord Jesus and the good news of the gospel. Some areas are controlled by Maoist and the Hindu extremists who don't like to see the evangelism activities penetrated in their village. We had a disturbance in Jesus Film ministry in Dasami last month. We need your prayer for safety of our crew and the equipment.


I want to have a professional camera which cost more than 1400 US $. I want to have ministry photos as pure as I can bring. God will provide for this. I like taking ministry photos.


Please continue to pray and help for the poor orphan and widows of Nepal. We are building the home and it is not complete and it needs your help. We want to bring orphans in May this year but some rooms need to be finish. If we don't have money we will not finish the rooms and we won't be able to bring orphans in. Church Boys United Kathmandu


School in Dungdunge is going to be ready very soon; we plan to start the class in May 2014. We are starting school for the poor children because they need our help. We want to help them get education and teach from the Bibles. You can be a part of this school for the poor in Nepal. School photos here.

Football training

We are training our Church Boys football team to participate in National League. Our aim is to reach first division and bring the gospel among the young people of Nepal. We have two station and we will select the good players and keep them in close camp. We will also participate in different tournaments and distribute Bibles and share the gospel.

Once again, I do really appreciate you, and praise God for you, for your prayer and financial support, which has become a very great help in my ministry. All these ministries happen because of your prayer and support. I give you a verse as I close, it is somewhere in the Bible, 

'And Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, "Go, return each of you to your mother's house. May the Lord deal kindly with you as you have dealt with the dead and with me."

With lots of love from

Reuben Rai