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2012 May June Ministry Report

 My Dear Friend

I do hope that you enjoyed the summer. Every time I think of you I give glory to God. In all my prayers for you, I always pray with joy. I would not have met you if I was lost in my sin. I was once lost in my 33 hundred millions Hindu gods but now I am found. I am thankful to God for choosing me. I am his unworthy servant, worthy not even to untie the thongs of His shoes. I believe the Lord has called me to encourage and equip leaders for the work of ministry in Nepal. We have been spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1995 and I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve the Lord in Nepal where the gospel has not been preached openly.


Football teamChurch Boys United Kathmandu

Our football team played matches in the national qualifying league in May. We were able to impact nation in sport by our prayer and distribution of gospel tracts and sharing the gospel with young people. Football in Nepal has introduced us to many people. It is a medium to reach people. We had a very good chance to share the gospel with them while they were as a team. It is not just playing; we share our faith to them. Many Churches now days are aware of the importance of the sports ministry in the Church. More than half of the population and the children involve in some way of sports. There are many worlds, like industry world, farmer's world, sports world, student's world and we must bring gospel to all of them. Our effort is least in great commission but we are doing what we could do to win them to the Lord.


Rita's Graduation

I am so glad to see Rita complete three years of her Bible College from Jesus College in Kathmandu with Bachelor in Theology. She has learned so many subject and things about God and the ways of ministry. She can be a good help to me in ministry. I want you to pray for her just like you do for me. She is planning to lead youth to the Rita Rai Graduation 2012 Kathmanduoutreach, mobilize women to help other women in the need and you would probably hear from her soon about this. She needs your prayer and encouragement as she head up in ministry. She is hospitable in home and in Church. She ministers to the need of the poor and widows. Now she is going beyond this, she is leading the teams to share the gospel around Nepal. Now we can do more together. Your financial help really help us do the work of the gospel in Nepal.


Program in Makwanpur

Nepal is divided into three major geographical landscapes. Plain of Terai at the south is very hot during summer, mountains are somewhat warm and High Mountain and Himalaya are cooler most of the time. We were in Terai in some parts in June. Heat really made us very difficult to minister to the disciples and to the children in Bishnu Moktan's Anugraha Church in Manahari. People live there without air Fan. Bishnu was one of our first Bible School students in 2007. He has a new Church today. Disciples in this small Church really wanted something.


Children ministry

We expected only few children in the children ministry for song, sweet, balloons, and game. But in moments there were more than hundred of children in this village and their parents gather around to receive sweets and balloons and see us how we preach the gospel to the Children. We told them Bible stories. Sweat in our body overflowed from all parts but children were very passionate despite the heat. They wanted something. We do not have children gospel materials but we can produce it if we get sponsor. Many Churches in Nepal do not have Children materials.


Clothes distribution

We distributed clothes in June to the needy Children in Apostolic Church where Pastor Reuben serve. The Bible says give and it shall be given unto you. We are not rich but we can't close our eyes when we see naked. We give away clothes to the poor and needy Children in the Church and in the orphanage. Anyone can give us once used cloths and new. When you give they learn to give. Christian life is sharing life. We should be the channel of blessing to others. I personally want to thank all people in home and in abroad who made contribution of clothes for the sake of the poor. Poor people in Nepal are not able to purchase new clothes. Prices are increasing and it is making disturbance even to the leaders to concentrate in the ministry. Many Pastors and workers in Nepal has resigned because they are feeling pressure to feed their family and provide education. So this little effort of distributing clothes is a real blessing to Christian people in Nepal.

Christians in Nepal

Program in Tatopani

We had very good program in Hindi Church in Tatopani. We had a message from the word of God and more then hundreds leaders and believers were gathered there. Dilip Magar and Bigyan Shrestha, whom we support, are doing very good ministry there, leading people to Jesus, sharing the gospel through videos and Medias. Over the past years many were healed by prayer. Where there are lots of idol worshipers there is the reign of the dark. But through prayer many were healed and they were able to testify how Jesus healed them. It is a very good impact to others. People in this Church are always receptive to the gospel.


Bible Distribution

We were able to distribute Bibles to needy people around Nepal. These Bibles are sent by friends oversees many of whom we never have met. There is no English Bible printer in Nepal, so all we get is from friends around the world through regular mail. People request Bibles with us and as we travel around Nepal and we go distributing them. Even the Hindu and Buddhist they ask Bible. Thanks to all who made contribution of Bibles for Nepal.


Home Stay in Nepal

We have started a home stay service in Nepal for Christian guests who is/are traveling to Kathmandu can 'Come and Stay with us' Acts 16:15. Just as 2 King 4:10 we have room, bed, table, chair, lamp stand, and more then that we have Kitchen, sitting room/meeting room, Internet, washing machine and dryer, big groceries store nearby. Originally this place is a rest house for Pastors and Christian leaders that come to visit me from village. This was empty anyway. Something came in my mind. I was inspired by this Shunammite woman who offers hospitality to Prophet Elisha. Ministry has increased and we have Pastors visit us every week. This guest house provides them rest, and Rita is busy cooking for them, like the Shunammite woman. She prepares best food in the world, come and tastes her cooking. I want to put one Laptop in this house so that Pastor can use Internet while they are here. Anyone who wants to bless this house with Laptop can contribute. Our Home Stay service is not for business, it is our desire to bless mission travelers. We want to be a small part in their ministry by providing rest for them. So if you know any one traveling to Nepal, kindly tell them about our home stay.


Bible Distribution Ministry in Nepal

Upcoming programs and prayers

Bible School 2012

I heard people say I am a proud member of Liverpool Football Club. I heard people say I am a proud member of XXXXX Church. What I learn from my experience from Jesus is we are not called to be a member of the Church. We are called to make disciples. Member and Disciple is very difference. Member stay, Disciple goes out. We are disciple who makes other disciples. In the Church, you can't be a proud member, you should be a proud disciple who go out and make disciple. That is what we are doing through your help. We are making disciples who go out and share the gospel and win people to Jesus. We all have call from Jesus Christ to go out and make disciples. We have 6th Bible School starting from August 21 and I 100 % believe that you would pray and share others who would be interested to pray for this Bible School. Together we can make disciple makers.


Conference in BarhabiseBelievers in Nepal eating food after the program

People and leaders in Nepal are hungry for the fresh teaching and fellowship with one to another. We are small group of people who emphasis staying together, just workers and Pastors. We have leadership conference in September and we want to request you to please remember us in your prayer.

Students Retreat Program

This Retreat program is for students who were trained in our Bible School. It is good to meet them, hear their ministry report, their testimony, their need and challenges. We want to be a small part of their ministry and encourage them to serve God. To me personally this is very important to meet with the students.

And finally, there were 8 people gave their life to Jesus in May June.



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