Ashika Rai Morang

Story of Ashika Rai,

Ashika Rai birthday is 15 October. She was born in 2008. She is originally from Mahmai-9, Dungdunge village, in Ilam in east Nepal. She has one brother, Yakesh and one sister, Yashika, and her homeless Mom, her father dead because of cancer in the Throat.

She is studying in Class 1 in St. Stephen English School. Bus comes to the orphanage to pick all the students. She doesn’t have to walk all the way. Before she was picked up, she was without no clothes, proper food, and use to hide behind the pillar of the house. She did not want to be contacted. Today, she is frank and do not feel shy with anyone and not afraid anymore.

She do not like Guava, Lemon or Amla, but she likes Apple very much, Mango and Banana as well. Her favorite meat is Chicken. She eats happily any food that Junu prepares for them. Her favorite TV Cartoon is Motu Patlu and Lovekush but they have limited time to watch TV. They are allowed to watch TV only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, other time they are suppose to focus on study.

She fears Tiger, and she is talented dancer. She wants to become a Nurse in the future. Rice and Chowmin is her best food and she prefers bread and Jam for breakfast. English and Math is difficult for her but Nepali subject is easy and she likes it. Football (soccer) is her lovely game. Skirt suits her and short pants with pockets and flip-flop is her best clothing.

When asked a question, what gift you wish people would give to you? She said ‘Doll’. She also gets angry when someone without reason tries to beat her. She has a silly answer when asked her when you would want to get married. She responded when I am 25 years of age and she laughs.

Ashika Rai
She has a best friend in School and her name is Dipana. She explodes with happiness when she is taken to market or shopping mall. When asked a simple and touching question to her, why do you like being a kid? She said, I like to be a kid always because I can play and watch tv.

She gave us funny answer to funny question. If you would become an animal, what would you want to become? She said, ‘Tortoise.’ She likes to party for fun and if someone give her money she will put that to clay pot as piggy bank.

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Prepared by Reuben

September 2016



Child Health Update
2016 August


Birth Day: Asoj 29, 2065 (Nepali), Oct 15, 2008 (English).
Age: 8 YEARS



Supporting Since: 2015

Weight: 19 KG, (41.8LBS)

Height: 3 FEET 9 INCHES

Eye Color: BLACK

Hair Color: BLACK

Class: 1 (Private School)

Blood Group: A+

Dentistry: 8 TEETH DAMAGE

Prepared by Reuben on 2016 August