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Aakriti Magar

Akriti Magar is a 5 years old girl and now living and going to School in Kathmandu. She is currently living under Reuben's care in a Church hostel in Kathmandu, Nepal. Akriti was born in 2011 Oct 3 in Samsetu, Gumtang 7, Sindhupalchwok. She is reading in UKG in Paragaon School, in Lalitpur, which is a 10 minute walk from their hostel. She lives in terra block in the wall, tiles floor and tin roof in the Church compound.

She is a little girl with a calm and innocent face. She does not talk to strangers but she can become best friends once you steal her heart.

Her breakfast usually will be donut, black tea, biscuit, egg, fried rice. Her food will be Dal, Bhat, Tarkari, Akriti likes writing, she doesn't like fighting. Her favorite food is Momo, and Paijama is her favorite clothing. Tiger is her lovely animal, and Mango is her sweet fruit among the fruits. She likes Pani puri, Chatpate and Dhungri which are sold in Church compounds. She has one brother whose name is Ajit/Bishal. Her biggest fear is the ground shaking and storms and dust flying in the air.

Aakriti is shy to strangers and she loves writing and drawing of images. Her voice is very thin or small; you need to be very attentive to hear her. At the hostel, she is free from daily routine because she is the youngest of all the kids in the Church hostel.

Akriti was 3 years and 8 months old when she saw the big shaking and dust like storms flying over the sky. She trembled and she was rolled like a ball when the 7.9M Earthquake hit Nepal. She saw her Mother's dead body moved out of the fallen Church building.

That night Aakriti was terrified and she did not know what would happen next. They slept in the open space that night of the Earthquake, counting stars at night and holding her big sister's hand. She heard the screams of the people and there were dead bodies everywhere.
Their house was totally destroyed, and their only means of income, a small piece of land, was overridden by rocks and pierced land, and can't be used again. They became homeless, with their father and other two children, totaling four members in the family. Her father lost her mother and only means of a piece of field in the sloppy mountain where they could grow crops.

Your support helps her pay her monthly school tuition fees including, double uniforms, books, copies and writing materials, bags, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Church provides Sunday school, dance and drama. Chameli, who is staff, cooks food for all of them. Sometimes they are taken to a retreat and Fun Park for outdoor fun.

I met Aaktiri, when I went to pray for the surviving members of the Church in Samsetu which had fallen upon the believers on Church day and killed 23 of them inside. One of them was Aakriti's Mother.

When Aakriti grows up, she wants to become a medical Nurse.

Prepared by Reuben

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Child Health Update
Akriti Magar Kathmandu

Name : Akriti Magar

Age: 5 YEARS in 2016

Birth Day: MANGSIR 16, 2068 (Nepali), Oct 3, 2011 (English).



Supporting Since: 2015

Weight: 14.9 KG, ( 32.8 LBS)

Height: 41 INCHES

Eye Color: BLACK

Hair Color: BLACK

Class: 1 (Private School)

Blood Group: A+

Dentistry: ALL OK

Prepared by Reuben on 2016 August